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The Role of GAP Certification

GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification is an internationally accepted quality management system for agricultural products designed to ensure the quality and sustainability of agricultural products during production, processing and distribution. The main roles of GAP certification include:


1. Improve the quality of agricultural products: GAP certification requires producers of agricultural products to produce in accordance with the prescribed standards and procedures, including rational use of resources, protection of the ecological environment, control of pests and diseases, reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, etc., so as to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and nutritional value.

2. Protect consumer rights and interests: GAP certification can help consumers identify high-quality, safe and sustainable agricultural products, improve consumer trust and satisfaction.

3. Enhance market competitiveness: Through GAP certification, agricultural producers can obtain higher market prices and market share, improve product brand value and market competitiveness.

4. Comply with regulatory requirements: GAP certification is a quality management system for agricultural products required by regulators in many countries and regions, and certification can help agricultural producers meet regulatory requirements and avoid violations and fines.

5. Promote sustainable agricultural development: GAP certification requires agricultural producers to adopt sustainable agricultural production methods, protect the ecological environment, improve the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural resources, and provide support for the sustainable development of agriculture.

ASEM Food Co., Ltd. has ten thousand acres of GAP certified garlic planting base, aiming to provide customers with green and safe garlic and garlic products, to ensure the food safety of users from the source. ASEM Food has also passed the HACCP and BRC and other internationally recognized quality system certification, in the production and processing of garlic products in strict compliance with the production requirements and rules and regulations, to ensure the safety of all aspects of production.



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