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Founded in 1996, Beijing Asem Group is a one-stop natural food purchasing platform. The group is committed to the technical development, planting, storage, processing and trading of agricultural products. It has 76 agricultural planting bases in China, covering 9 provinces, North, south, East and west. Onion, pepper and cinnamon. Our factories are located in Shandong, Jiangsu and Yunnan, Sichuan, Hebei, and our products have obtained the certifications required by our customers: ISO9001, ISO22000,KOSHER, HALAL, GAP,BRC,SGS, HACCP.


From 1997 to 2005, the company's main business was garlic export. With good reputation and reputation accumulated a large number of stable customers, in order to meet the growing business needs of customers, our planting area increased to 6100 mu, on the basis of garlic and vegetables, add 13 fruit planting bases, two freeze-drying production lines, export of fresh vegetables and spices from 2 to 27 kinds, this situation has continued until 2013.


2014 was a year when the company's business broke out in an all-round way. Thanks to the long-term support of many old customers, we added a deep processing workshop for agricultural products on the basis of the old business, and sought partners to set up factories near each of our own planting bases. By supplying raw materials and technology and providing production lines with partners, we jointly developed dehydrated vegetables and dehydrated spices. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, food coloring and other agricultural products, 8 series of products at the same time to serve the global food industry customers, since the business map has become clear, this cost reduction and efficiency of the business model has been used today.


Today, Asem group's business philosophy of "integrity is the foundation of everything" has allowed us to survive in the fierce international competitive environment, even in the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with little impact on business.

Over the years, our customers have reported: A small number of companies in the same industry provide unbelievable low prices and terrible quality, causing losses to buyers, and themselves have lost customers and credibility, we regret this, and vow never to do that, here also call on all Chinese suppliers, do clean business, establish a good international image, provide the best products to customers, Always "be a trusted supplier"!






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