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ASEM self-export of dehydrated vegetables exceeded 100 million CNY


ASEM self-export of dehydrated vegetables exceeded 100 million CNY

Under the new normal of increasing pressure of economic operation, the foreign trade of dehydrated vegetables in Xinghua City still maintains a rapid development trend. The reporter learned from the Xinghua Municipal Bureau of Commerce that in 2014, the city's self-operated exports of dehydrated vegetables reached $101 million, an increase of 20.13%. In addition, more than 50 million US dollars were exported through other foreign trade channels. Dehydrated vegetable products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other 58 countries and regions, the total export accounted for one-third of the total sales revenue.


"Export vegetable products are strictly controlled for agricultural residues and heavy metal content, so agricultural inputs are strictly applied in accordance with regulations." Xing Jinwang, chairman of ASEM Company, said that in order to ensure product quality, the company strictly controls the planting management of the raw material base and strictly applies fertilizer in accordance with regulations. In addition, the fresh vegetables before processing, boiling in the processing process, and the selection of products after processing, packaging and other links, should be careful, not sloppy, otherwise it may not meet the quality requirements, light return, heavy is destroyed, but also pay for garbage disposal fees.


In order to open up overseas markets, Xinghua dehydrated vegetable enterprises compete to upgrade files, improve the technological level, and declare brand-name products, famous trademarks and overseas trademarks. Up to now, there are nearly 100 dehydrated vegetable enterprises in the city, 32 have the right to self-export, more than 30 enterprises have passed ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, 3 enterprises have obtained good agricultural planting practice GAP certification, 9 enterprises have overseas trademarks.

"This is dehydrated red pepper, this is dehydrated tomato, that is dehydrated mushroom..." In the sample room of ASEM Food Company, Liu Huahua, general manager of the company, introduced the brand products of the company to reporters.

Liu Huahua said that red pepper produced in Inner Mongolia, tomato produced in Xinjiang, mushroom produced in Henan, three products are famous regional specialties in China, the company is with these domestic well-known, foreign scarce things, knock on the door of Nestle, Kangjia, Kraft, good beauty and other world's top 500 enterprises, and become their stable suppliers.


In order to ensure the supply of raw materials, ASEM has established a national demonstration zone of 50,000 mu of export food and agricultural products and a raw material base of 150,000 mu to ensure the quality and safety of dehydrated vegetable products from the source. The company has also established nearly one million mu of raw material production bases in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Henan, Hebei, Fujian and other places. According to reports, the conditions for ASEM dehydrated vegetable enterprises to choose the base are very harsh, in addition to requiring that there are no chemical enterprises and heavy metal enterprises near the base, there is also a requirement that there is no pollution source upstream of the water source, and there is no air pollution source upwind, and the production process should also be supervised throughout.

ASEM dehydrated vegetable processing technology is in the leading position in China, and many domestic dehydrated vegetable processing enterprises are willing to become the roughing workshop of ASEM enterprises. The semi-finished products processed by these enterprises are finely processed by ASEM enterprises and then sold to various markets. At present, ASEM dehydrated vegetable products have expanded from local traditional chives, carrots, cabbage to regional well-known products across the country, with more than 120 varieties.




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