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"Agricultural empowerment" high-quality development to help Jinxiang garlic to upgrade

July 15 news Jinxiang high-quality development of "agricultural empowerment" and garlic industry outlook conference held on July 15, this activity to "agricultural empowerment · innovative development" as the theme, many experts and scholars and industry insiders gathered together around Jinxiang economic development, digital economy, new agriculture industry chain how to achieve digital transformation and scientific and technological innovation and other aspects to discuss. Since the early 1990s, the continuous promotion of Jinxiang Garlic this shining business card has gone through more than 30 spring and autumn, "the world's garlic to see China, Chinese garlic to see Jinxiang", but also Jinxiang and garlic are closely linked together.


Garlic industry is Jinxiang's advantage industry, characteristic industry, but also Jinxiang rich people industry, hope industry. In recent years, Jinxiang County has seized the breakthrough of industrial revitalization, continued to enlarge the advantages of garlic industry development, led by scientific and technological innovation, guided by market demand, and strongly promoted the upgrading of the whole chain, achieving the gorgeous transformation of "farm garlic" to "science and technology garlic".

This conference is full of harvest in Jinxiang. Jinxiang County was awarded the title of "The Hometown of China's Ecological Ingredients (Jinxiang Garlic)" and "National Digital Agriculture (garlic) Demonstration County". "Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Garlic Germplasm Resources Evaluation of Vegetable Research Institute of Science and Technology Small school", "Jinxiang Garlic Science and Technology Small School", "Shandong Agricultural University Mechanical and Electronic Engineering College Science and Technology Small school", "Huazhong Agricultural University Food Science and Technology Small School" and other "science and technology small school" have settled in Jinxiang.

Science and technology is not only one of the "keywords" of this conference, but also inject strong impetus into the upgrading of the garlic industry in Jinxiang. Jinxiang County fully develops technical advantages, with the help of product research and development, opens up the industrial chain, builds the brand system, and makes small garlic into a big brand. At present, Jinxiang has established strategic cooperative relations with 28 universities and institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and created 24 scientific and technological research and development platforms such as the Shandong Garlic Engineering Technology Research Center and provincial academician workstation. It has 68 independent intellectual property rights in key fields, and 105 kinds of deep processing products developed and exported to more than 170 countries and regions. Garlic export earnings ranked first in the country for years. "Jinxiang Garlic" has become the "golden signboard" of Jinxiang, helping Jinxiang strut on the world stage.




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