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Why is fried garlic cake so popular in Chaoshan area?

There are several reasons why fried garlic cake is popular in Chaoshan region:

Unique taste: After fried garlic, garlic will become crispy and delicious, which not only retains the original taste of garlic, but also adds a aroma. Chaoshan cuisine is mainly light, the aroma and taste of garlic crisp are unique in Chaoshan cuisine, and have become the favorite taste of many people.

Versatile: Fried garlic crumble can be used as a side dish or as a seasoning. In Chaoshan area, people often sprinkle garlic cake in stir-fried dishes, soup, barbecue and other dishes, which can add the aroma and taste of dishes. Some Chaoshan dishes will also use garlic crisp as the main ingredient to make independent dishes, such as garlic mashed white meat, garlic ribs and so on.

Easy to make: The steps to make fried garlic cake are relatively simple, just mince the garlic and then fry it in oil. That's why many homes and restaurants make delicious garlic cakes. Simple way of making, so that people can enjoy fresh garlic cake at any time.

To sum up, fried garlic cake is popular in Chaoshan region because of its unique taste, wide use and simple way of making.




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