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Dehydrate Garlic Granules ( Without root ) 40-80 mesh

Asem Garlic granules are made from fresh garlic peel and root off, cut into about 1.5 mm garlic slices. Rinse the garlic slices with running water, remove the slime and sugar on the surface of the scales and garlic slices, and generally rinse 2 to 4 times. After drying for 2 minutes, the garlic slices are put in the oven to dry, the baking temperature is about 65 ° C, and the general drying is 5 ~ 6 hours, so that the moisture is reduced to 4% ~ 4.5%. The dried garlic flakes are crushed into garlic granules, and the dehydrated products are selected to remove foreign impurities such as hair and products that are not up to standard in size and color. The product is metal detected to remove the metallic substances that are included in the product. After passing the inspection, seal the package and keep it for 1 to 2 days, so that the moisture in the dry product can transfer to each other and achieve balance. Fresh and safe raw materials and strict production process make Asem's garlic granules receive high praise from customers all over the world.

                                                 Product    Details
Specification:Without rootASH:≤3.0%
Processing Type:CHOPPEDPeanuts Allergen:<2.5PPM
Drying Process:ADMoisture:5%
Brand Name:AsemSO2:≤15ppm
Color:White & Light yellowColiforms:100MPN/100g max
Packaging: 2 x 12.5 foil bags into 25kg cartonsYeasts and Molds:50cfu/g max
Shelf Life:24monthsE. Coli:Negative
Place of Origin:Jinxiang /Shandong ChinaSalmonella:Negative in 25g
Price Term:FOB CNF CIFMOQ:10mts
Package Type:25kg/carton,  1kg/bag, 10bags/carton,  According to customers' demands
                                                                           Lead Time
Lead time (days)710To be negotiated
StorageKeep the goods under the   sanitary-hygienic standards in dry, clean , good -ventilated warehouse   ,uninfected, the temperature no more than 25℃ and relative degree of   humidity no more than 60%




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