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One-Headed Black Garlic

Black garlic eliminates the irritating odor of garlic while it preserves garlic allicin, germanium, potassium, and other indispensable trace elements for human body. Besides, the protein in garlic transforms into 18 kinds of essential amino acids that human body requires every day. At the same time, the variety of phenol content increases and produces a new water soluble sulfide S-ALLYLCYSTEINE (SAC), S-ALLY-MERCAPTO-CYSTEINE, and other antioxidants, which greatly enhance the antioxidant, anti-acidification function of garlic. Black garlic is definitely an excellent healthy food.

                                        Product    Details
Specification:3.5cmUses:Cooking/Health Care
Type:Fermented solo black garlic Packaging:Bulk, Drum, Vacuum Pack, Mason Jar, Can (Tinned), Carton with foil bag
Ingredient:100% Nature Garlic
Drying Process:ADGrade:Grade A
Content:Solo garlicOEMAvailable
Instruction for use:Use for soup spices, as snacksShelf Life:2 years
Price Term:FOB CNF CIFMOQ:10kg
Storage:Keep in a cool, dry and clean place; Protect from moisture and direct light.




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