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Matcha Powder

Tea polyphenols can remove excessive harmful free radicals in the body, and can regenerate α-VE, VC, GSH, SOD and other highly effective antioxidant substances in the human body, so as to protect and repair the antioxidant system, which has significant effects on enhancing the body's immunity, preventing cancer and preventing aging. Long drinking green tea can reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, thereby preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A medical research team at Showa University in Japan put 10,000 highly toxic Escherichia coli 0-157 bacteria into 1 ml of tea polyphenol solution diluted to 1/20 of the concentration of ordinary tea, and all the bacteria died after five hours. Matcha has the effect of digestion and greasy solution, weight loss and fitness, removing acne.



 80-100 meshTotal Plate Count≤10000cfu/g
GradeFood GradeTotal Yeast&Mold≤1000cfu/g
Shelf Life24 MonthsE.ColiNegative
Dried MethodADSalmonellaNot Detected
Loss on Drying≤7.0%

Ash Content


Feature100% natural, non-GMO, Vegan, no artifical color or flavor
TasteRich Matcha characteristic flavor
OEM ServiceAvailable ( free charge  )
 Packaging Customized 5kg/bag, 10kg/carton, 25kg/carton

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