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Dehydrated garlic uses small science popularization


Uses of Asem dehydrated garlic:

Garlic slices --

Usually mainly used in canned soups, hamburgers, salads, pizza and other fast food, there is a clear garlic appearance, garlic texture is also better.

Crushed garlic (5-8 mesh) ----

More used in a variety of food supplements, with a strong taste and aroma. It is mainly used for pickling, canned food, soy sauce, cooked meat products, vegetables, dry mixed products and so on.

Crushed garlic (8-16&16-26 mesh) ----

It is usually sold in small packages in retail stores or used in salad dressings, seasonings, canned and prepared foods, meats, dry mixed puddings, etc.

Garlic granules (40-80 mesh) ----

Mainly used in sauces, seasonings, gravies, salad dressings, cheese snacks, etc., generally packaged alone or mixed with other spices, salt, etc.

Garlic powder (100-120 mesh) ----

It is widely used in soups, sauces, seasonings, mixes, meat products, canned meat, vegetable products, biscuits, snacks, cheese, cream sauce and so on.

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