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Advantages of ASEM Dehydrated Ginger Flakes

Asem's  dehydrated ginger chip has the following advantages:

1. Reliable source of raw materials

Own ginger farms or cooperatives to establish long-term strategic cooperation to ensure high-quality raw material sources.

2. Advanced processing technology

Advanced ginger dehydration, drying equipment, can ensure the quality of ginger.

3. Excellent sanitary conditions

The environmental health of the workshop is up to standard, the processing process is healthy, and the products are safer.

4. Strict quality control

Implementation of strict quality control system, ginger size, shape, health indicators and other qualified rate is high.

5. Complete variety and specifications

Can provide a variety of slice thickness, water content of ginger products.

6. Sufficient production capacity

Strong production capacity, can ensure product delivery time.

7. Professional in packing

Provide vacuum packaging, nitrogen filling and other professional packaging, good fresh-keeping effect.

8. Good service

Provide sample, formulation development, logistics delivery and other thoughtful services.




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