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What are the Effect of HACCP Certification?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification is a food safety management system designed to ensure the safety of food during production, processing, storage and transportation. Through HACCP certification, companies can demonstrate that their food safety management system meets international standards and is able to effectively control food safety risks. The following are the main uses of HACCP certification:

1. Improve food safety: HACCP certification requires enterprises to systematically analyze and evaluate food safety, identify potential hazards, and take critical control points to prevent the occurrence and spread of hazards, so as to ensure food safety.

2. Improve corporate reputation: Through HACCP certification, enterprises can prove their attention to and commitment to food safety to consumers, customers and regulators, and improve the reputation and credibility of enterprises.

3. Enhance market competitiveness: HACCP certification is an internationally accepted food safety management system. Through certification, enterprises can enhance market competitiveness and gain more market shares at home and abroad.

4. Reduce quality risks: Through HACCP certification, enterprises can establish a sound quality management system, effectively control the production process, reduce quality risks, and improve product quality and stability.

5. Compliance with regulatory requirements: HACCP certification is a food safety management system required by regulators in many countries and regions, and certification can help enterprises meet regulatory requirements and avoid violations and fines.

ASEM Food has always regarded food safety as its own responsibility, through the advanced automated production line and strict import and export system, to ensure the food safety of users, to provide customers around the world with green, safe and delicious garlic products. Since its establishment, the company has maintained the requirements and specifications of HACCP certification, and conducted regular certification to provide protection for customers' export business and end customers.




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